Current Offering

Black River Off-Market Fund, LLC

Fund Strategy

  • Buy assets in small to mid-sized markets.
  • Buy assets below market price using proven off-market acquisition methods.
  • Focus on the need for increased renter demand in chosen markets.
  • Add significant value through increased operational efficiency.
  • Add significant value through light renovation and improvement projects.

Given some of the target assets are among the current Black Kanyon portfolio, the asset management team has the highest level of confidence in its ability to execute the business plan and deliver the targeted returns.

Round 1 Fund Assets

Timber Apartments – 72 Units – Fargo/Moorhead, ND
Emerald Apartments – 24 Units – Jamestown, ND
North Hill Apartments – 24 Units – Jamestown, ND
402 Apartments – 38 Units – Jamestown, ND
909 Apartments – 18 Units – Jamestown, ND

Projected Returns

  • 8% Preferred Return to Investors
  • 15-20% Annual Returns
  • 2.0-2.8 Equity Multiple
  • 5-7 Year hold period

Why Invest

  • Consistent Passive Income
  • Lower-risk, stabilized assets with in-place cash flows at acquisition.
  • Significant Tax Benefits
  • A cost segregation analysis allows for accelerated depreciation to years of ownership. This large passive loss gets passed onto investors through a K1
  • Proven Off-Market Investment Strategy
  • Black Kanyon has a proven history of successful investments in small to mid-sized markets throughout the Midwest.
  • We invest in what we know.

Round 1 Funding Closing Soon

  • Round 1 Funding for Black River Off-Market Fund will close in June.
  • We anticipate Round 1 to be fully subscribed.
  • Only accepted investor commitments will be included in Round 1
  • Investment commitments made after Round 1 closing will be waitlisted for future investments.

Express Your Interest

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